Making a random quote machine in different flavors

Building a random quote machine using 11 different front end stacks

Series of writings in 11 parts on how to make a random quote machine with different front end stacks and ship quickly.

Random Greta Gif

I had the idea for this series when I built a random quote machine as a quick fun side project to celebrate Greta Thunberg’s quotes. You can check the page for the original Random Greta Thunberg project.

The series of writings cover 11 different ways (flavors) to build a random quote machine. Built with the best intentions using:

  1. HTML + CSS + Vanilla JS + quotes array
  2. HTML + CSS + Vanilla JS + JSON with quotes
  3. HTML + CSS + Vanilla JS + quotes REST API
  4. HTML + CSS + Redux + quotes array
  5. HTML + CSS + Redux + Redux Thunk + JSON with quotes
  6. HTML + CSS + React + quotes array
  7. HTML + CSS + React + JSON with quotes
  8. HTML + CSS + React Hooks + quotes array
  9. HTML + CSS + React Hooks + JSON with quotes
  10. HTML + CSS + React Hooks + React Redux + quotes array
  11. HTML + CSS + React Hooks + React Redux + Redux Thunk + JSON with quotes

If you think a great Greta Thunberg quote is missing, I’ll be happy to include it. Pull requests are more than welcome in flavor #1 Github repo.

Live project Source code

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by Pat
by Pat